172/366: did the earth move for you, darling?

Taking photos of a lovely sunset over the west just a few hours earlier, we had no idea what was about to happen.

Standing on the front footpath, even the power lines looked more attractive when the sun was setting.

Just before 9pm AEST, 19th June 2012.we were sitting watching a DVD when suddenly the house started shaking. If you are on the other side of the world, I am from the future. (I love saying that!)

We have had a few mild earth tremors in Melbourne, but apparently this one was the biggest in over a century. It gave us only a glimmer of what residents of San Francisco must endure, and my heart goes out to them. We timed it to be at least thirty seconds, and I have just heard that this earthquake was about 5.3, centred in north-east Victoria.

I know this year’s theme for my blog is my garden, but surely an earth tremor/quake can be included here, since it is about the ground!


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