179/366: beautiful blue babiana

I had no suggestions the other day to my query about the beautiful blue flowers, but the mystery is solved.

Waking up in the middle of the night, it suddenly jumped into my head. Babiana!

Unfortunately, I seem to only have the one photo of these now-departed flowers. They are  on my list for next year. Since they were so pretty I don’t see a problem in repeating this photo.

I looked it up in an actual book, rather than surfing the net, although that is often my usual port-of-call. One of my favourite retorts to questions that I know not the answer is “google it”.

According to Stirling Macoboy, in What Flower Is That? 1969, the Baboon Flower, Babiana stricta is also known as Iridaceae. Apparently in its native Africa, baboons dig and eat the bulbs. There are shades of blue and violet. Similar to freesias, the leaves are pleated and hairy. Planted in autumn, they need plenty of water in winter and at flowering time.

Remember, I am no expert, and am happy to be corrected if anything I say is wrong.


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