185/366: the daffodil tradition

I can hardly believe my eyes: daffodils immediately after my birthday? What is happening with the seasons?

My parents died in 2001, and I inherited a special blue vase that I always associate with a family tradition. Every year my father would pick the first daffodils of spring and put them in this particular vase.

I vowed to carry on this ritual each year, as it is another way of honouring my parents.

Much to my chagrin, I currently cannot find this vase. Evidently I have put it in a safe place, and it may or may not ever come to life. So it’s fortunate in one sense that when I spied these first daffodils, I didn’t race out and snip them immediately.

Fortunately a few years ago I took a photo of the vase, complete with daffodils. Interesting to note that it was taken at the end of August, almost two months later than this blooming lot. While the vase is hiding this year’s bulbs may as well stay out in the garden.


2 thoughts on “185/366: the daffodil tradition

  1. Lovely to see Daffodils blooming around this globe at different times of the year. Ours bloom in April, which is always great excitement as our other spring flowers poke out of the ground and warmer temps climb. I love Spring Gardens.

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