196/366: how we found our house

Towards the end of 1984, we were house-hunting. However, all the houses we had seen up to date in our price bracket did not appeal to us.

Discussing areas, Croydon seemed like a good location. I had even crazily pinpointed almost exactly where I would like to live. As my previous house was a kilometre or two further north-east, and we were currently living in Ringwood East, halfway between the two abodes could be handy, and in the block bordered by one minor and three major arterial roads.

At the time my fiance was working as a plumber over in Moorabbin. One Wednesday afternoon, on his way home, his radiator overheated, so he called in at his parents’ place in Glen Waverley, about twenty minutes away. While waiting for the car to cool down, he perused The Age classifieds, where he came upon this advertisement:

From the information, it was not apparent whether the house was brick or timber, new or established, but drawcards such as bay windows, gas ducted heating, a large block, ensuite and family room, led us to make enquiries that very night. It turned out to be brand new, and despite our plans of buying an established house, which would already have curtains, light fittings and a garden that we could alter as time and money permitted, we decided we to look at it anyway. The agent suggested it may be sold by the weekend, so we made an appointment for the following evening.

Another couple had been following its progress, but could not visualise the layout without the plaster up. We were the first to see it at this stage. It was fresh and light and huge compared with the two-bedroom unit we were living in, and the kitchen would have American Oak cupboards, an added bonus.

I will never forget that moment, standing in the middle of the lounge room, looking out the beautiful big bay window, where we both agreed this was the one. And although this house has taken a lot of love, labour and money, we have never regretted it.

And do you know the spookiest thing? It sits almost exactly in the centre of the area I had envisaged. If that is not an example of the Law of Attraction, then I don’t know what is!


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