197/366: silhouette collaborative project

Thanks to Beingjulz, I found out about this collaborative project from SeeingSpotsPhoto.com. Both these links lead to the same blog, as Julz reblogged the original. Wow, I feel quite technologically marvellous, having finally learnt how to link!!

The challenge is to take silhouette photos. Perhaps not strictly what is required of the task, on my morning walk the other day I was inspired to take my camera along with me, as it wasn’t quite light yet and I thought I may get some nice sunrise shots. At this time of year, when the days are shorter, it means you don’t have to get up as early to capture photos like this!

I think the next shot can be best classified as a silhouette, as it is definitely only the outline of the shape of the leaves on the tree that can be seen.

This next one cannot be called a silhouette because you can read the signwriting on the shop, but I do really like the colours in the sky.

And finally, we have a soft-focus photo, my term for one that is out of focus. It sounds much more positive with the term “soft-focus” as well as bringing to mind images of movie stars!

3 thoughts on “197/366: silhouette collaborative project

  1. Sandi, thanks. You have giving me an idea for my turn to lead the photogs in August. Our leader has just created a page with Flickr.com Calling ourselves the BVShutterbugs, as in Beaver Valley. I took some pics using the Macro setting on my cam to photograph my Day Lilies. Will send you few. Keep those great ideas coming.

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