199/366: min T

My mint bush was looking rather straggly, so today I snipped and trimmed it, hoping to encourage some better growth.

With the spare pieces, I played with them a little, before planting a few as cuttings.

Lastly, I made a lovely cup of mint tea, hence the title of this post: min T.

Aah! Quite refreshing.

5 thoughts on “199/366: min T

  1. Thanks Sandi, you inspired me to trim my mint. Although in the ground….wow, does it spread. I just love the varieties of mint. Have a few in my garden..but it does take over. Cut some into my deviled eggs tonight with din.

      • It was yummy, I love mint so much that I chop it up and put it into my potato salads…of course throwing a buch into boiling potatos is always nice too. Even have made my own versn of mint jelly, with a twist. But one of my fav’s on a hot summer day is cutting pieces over slices of watermelon. So Fresh tasting!

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