200/366: cat shoot

Do you sometimes look at a title and surmise what it will be about? “Cat shoot” could be on a number of topics, couldn’t it? Hopefully nothing to do with a gun; could be a type of plant that is about to sprout. In this case it is about a photo shoot with Zorro.

I saw him on the table out on the patio and he looked cute standing between these two new fleur de lys pictures I recently acquired from a garage sale. (What a surprise, me going to a garage sale!)

But of course as soon as you get out there with a camera the cat decides to leave. Somehow I managed to coerce him into standing between them again for the next shot. As you can see, he is suitably unimpressed, but at least he stayed long enough for me to click. Don’t you just love auto focus?

Naturally after his efforts we went inside where I rewarded him with some food.


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