201/366: new growth for supermarket spring onions

Once, years ago, in another galaxy far far away… No wait a minute, in another phase of my life, I was a Tupperware lady. In fact, I became a Tupperware manager and had a company car for two years. But that of course, is a different story.

I am introducing a new category to my blog, entitled GADGET GIRL, and from time to time I will tell you about different gadgets I use. At one stage I planned another blog covering gadgets, but realised I was spreading myself a little too thin, so why not incorporate some of them directly here? They certainly fit into the broad theme of “House and Garden”. Usually I edit my work a fair bit, although in today’s blog I am prattling on a bit, as I do from time to time, but it suits the name princessprattles.com.

At one of my demonstrations, I was showing the ladies at the party the fabulous  Fridge-Smart containers, which have little vents on them to control the amount of air particular vegetables require in the fridge.

For example, did you know that broccoli is a “heavy breather” so needs both vents open, while with celery both vents are closed. There is a magnet that tells you which is which.

Spring onions are obviously undecided, as they utilise one vent open, and one vent closed.
A lady pointed out that she doesn’t keep them in the fridge at all, but plants them in the garden, where they keep growing for ages.

I found out she was right, and have been doing that ever since, but this week my plans were foiled, as I bought a bunch from the supermarket, but some of the roots had been chopped off. Oops! Never mind, I managed to plant a few.

2 thoughts on “201/366: new growth for supermarket spring onions

  1. At one time in a galaxy far far away, or also in another phase of my life, my cupboards were full of Tupperware. Were, being the key word. When we moved to the country, I realized that I missed one piece in particular. The large mould that had two sealed openings making for easier plating. Voila, garage sale. Found it. And have never planted the green onion, simply because we eat them as fast as I buy them. But will definitely try this idea. Another good one Sandi.

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