203/366: my own personal labourer

Although I am the main gardener in the family, there are times when a task is too hard for me to tackle alone. It is then that I bring in my own personal labourer, aka my husband.

We have always formed a good team in the garden, whereby I have ideas, and he either poo-hoos the notion, which makes me sad,though always with a practical reason why it cannot be.  Better yet, he agrees with me and provides the labour necessitated by said idea.

Today it was moving three standard roses from a too-shady area where they were growing on an angle in efforts to chase the sun.

Thanks to him, now all my roses are in one spot. I am a somewhat compartmentalised person, so grouping them all together works well, and should hopefully provide a mass of magnificent roses next blooming time.

It’s nice to imagine the beautiful blooms that may appear on both sides of the steps.

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