206/366: a new use for blu-tack

I love Blu-Tack, and find it very handy for attaching things and securing frames on the wall so they don’t slip and slide, but today I think I came up with a new use for it.

Having just bought a new dustpan and brush, I peeled the label off. Usually I would immediately rush to the Eucalyptus Oil to get any sticky residue off, but somehow I was moved to take an old piece of Blu-Tack that I had recently removed from a wall, and use it as an eraser on the handle. And it worked!

I think my brain jumped over itself in a dramatic feat of lateral thinking. Part of me was remembering that Eucalyptus Oil helps get rid of chewing gum that is stuck somewhere, so I made a quantum leap into suddenly wondering if Blu-Tack would be useful. The link is tenuous at best, but isn’t that one of the ways new things get discovered, or at least new uses for old things?


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