215/366: let’s hook up

I have just repainted half, or maybe one third of the kitchen/family room. Since I was using the same colour as before (Burnaby, a nice creamy cream), I chose only the worst walls to tackle. Most of the walls are covered with a lot of pictures, so you can barely see them anyway. Using this approach, the whole area gets to look refreshed. Earlier, I had also rearranged pictures and ornaments that provided a new look anyway.

Once you take something off the wall, it gives you pause to have a good look at it and decide if it still works. We get so used to looking at the same things we take them for granted (a little bit like spouses I think).

One such item is the mirror on which we hang our keys. I have now revamped it with a gorgeous row of little black cats, a souvenir from our trip around the world last year, and some better looking brass hooks, which has given it a new lease of life.

As far as husbands go, mine is a keeper, and in the same vein, our planned trip to Thailand at the end of October should give our relationship a new lease of life too!

It’s quite difficult taking a photo of a mirror without anything in it and avoiding reflections of any kind. The before shot I took by placing it on the floor, but for the end shot I took it outside and laid it down on the paving, with only the sky above. It almost looks like it’s a stone wall.


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