221/366: indiscriminate love of conifers

Just as I once had an indiscriminate love of men with moustaches when I was on the dating scene thirty years ago, so too have we had that sort of fatal attraction to conifers. Both the men and the conifers may have been very attractive, but they weren’t for the long-term.

In my husband I finally found a man with a moustache who had a good personality and a wonderful soul, annoying at times, as all spouses can be, but caring and helpful too.

The conifer of which I speak in particular is the Castewallen Gold, which looked so cute and pretty at first, but unfortunately never stopped growing, and would have been far better off on a huge farm. They have featured in a number of my blogs, as they have constituted a large part of my garden. We got rid of the six separating the lower and middle tiers of the back yard, and also the giant one lording it over the front garden.

However, we still have a number of conifers down the western side whose future we will have to contemplate.



2 thoughts on “221/366: indiscriminate love of conifers

  1. Ahhh… yes, Castewallen! A great plant for creating a tall dense hedge in just a few years, but as you learned, they just keep growing and growing! There are soooo many other choices available, I hope you won’t give up on conifers!

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