226/366: cyclone sandi

The Cyclone Sandi to which I make reference is a non-meteorological one. It relates to the mess I have made of the patio. As I mentioned the other day, all I was going to do was put some more pebbles down,but I got carried away.

However, after I pruned the bush I realised it no longer suits this spot, particularly if I am going with the tropical theme, so I made the executive decision to pull it out. Since my husband was at work, I couldn’t utilise his strength, so set about it myself. Every now and then I would go outside to tackle it in stages with my trusty mattock. Lots of swinging meant I had to have regular rests, but eventually I loosened it all enough to get the plant out, leaving that area ready for some palms. Goody, goody. A little more research and I’ll be good to go!


2 thoughts on “226/366: cyclone sandi

  1. Oh, this does so remind me of Another Cyclone. Or in this part of the world, should I say Hurricane, as in Denise. And why I don’t bake that often? Because the kitchen looks like a hurricane went through. Daryl is the anal one. Clean as you go, he always says….yada yada yada. I am sure the finished end product will be lovely. Just like my kitchen is after it is cleaned from the Hurricane.

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