232/366: three ferns and a palm tree

Hooray! My three ferns and a palm tree are planted. I enlisted my husband’s help to plant them, because he’s so good at digging holes, and that way he can feel he has contributed. Ask him and he’d probably say he would be happy for me to do it entirely, but let me keep my little fantasy that he loves being out in the garden with me.

Pteris Cretica Albo Lineata

Silver Lady Blechnum

Blechnum Spicant

I had a terrible fright when I thought, on closer inspection, that the Blechnum Spicant was the same as the ubiquitous fishbone fern I already have in my garden. Fortunately they are not one and the same, and the common name for this one is ladder fern.

And finally, the dwarf or pygmy date palm, Phoenix Robellinii.

Hopefully the differing sizes and heights will fill up this area nicely.

It’s fun goin’ troppo.

4 thoughts on “232/366: three ferns and a palm tree

  1. Liking it….wonder what Daryl will say, when he finds out…he has 10 more shrubs to plant.
    Living on the Niagara escarpment is a challenge at the best of times in regard to planting… Rock, rock and more rock. Sandi? This is your forte. Help me with him….please.

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