238/366: conifer modification plan

The huge conifers down the western side of the back yard have become a problem. While we grew them in the first place to provide shade from the hot afternoon sun in summer, we never realised how large they would grow.

Behind the bluestone barbecue is a Castewallen Gold, and behind the bluestone wall that separates the bottom and middle tiers, are two Naylors Blue and another Castewallen Gold. Further up in the middle tier are yet another two of the Gold.

Don’t get me wrong; they are still beautiful and majestic, but just not suitable for a suburban garden. I have spoken about my indiscriminate love of conifers, and the price we have had to pay in removing them.

This time I have done my own artist’s impression of potential changes. I am new at computer graphic design, so it is quite rudimentary, but it still gives one the idea of what I want. Especially if I want to grow vegies, I need a lot more sun in the garden.


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