253/366: the garden archaeologist

Whilst weeding an area to prepare it for some tomatoes, I came across two surprise finds, which made me feel like I was an archaeologist.

The first was a bangle that I had stupidly worn while working in the garden who knows when. I’m sure when I clean it up it will look something like it used to.

The second surprise find was a potato! I have never planted potatoes, although I do compost them, so that is where this one must have come from.

I was delighted with it, and since I had just pruned the rosemary bush, I thought the combination might be nice, and I also added some spring onion from my garden.

Beating up an egg, I added some grated tasty cheese, a little milk, and then sprinkled dry cracker crumbs over it. I always like to utilise leftover items rather than throwing them out. Then, while the oven was on for my carrot cake, I cooked this little potato surprise from the surprise potato, which proved a tasty little snack.


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