255/366: how my garden equates with eating an elephant

Let me start by saying I would never actually eat an elephant, nor would I wish to. It is merely a metaphor.

How would you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

This is how I approach my garden. Though it is only a suburban garden, and not acreage, it is nevertheless quite sizeable, especially now, in days when blocks are getting smaller and smaller. Ours is just under one third of an acre, or 1284 square metres.

Over the twenty-seven years we have lived here, starting with a shell on a paddock we have extended and expanded, landscaped and concreted, to achieve a rather lovely environment, even if I do say so myself.

It seems to be a neverending task, or labour of love as I think of it. There is still so much scope for more landscaping ideas, creating interesting corners in the garden, which are always so much easier in my head than actually doing them.

But there is always maintenance, even in areas that are considered “finished”. Is anything ever really finished in a garden? The way I tackle it is in stages. I get overwhelmed if I just look at everything at once, to the point that it immobilises me.

By compartmentalising my garden, I avoid that immobilisation, by dividing it into different areas, particularly for maintenance tasks such as pruning and weeding. By cutting it up into bite-size pieces, it is an achievable challenge, just as you might do if you did attempt to eat an elephant.

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