261/366: maybe the cat is vegetarian?

Occasionally Shadow, our thirteen-year-old black cat, exhibits signs of vegetarianism.

Looking guilty, he turned around when I called out to him, as though he knew he shouldn’t be trying to eat the plants. Perhaps a case of forbidden fruit?

Having had enough of this particular plant, he decided to go elsewhere.

He has been known to eat a little lettuce when offered, and in the garden I often see him nibbling on some plant life. I remember reading, long ago, that sometimes cats will eat some grass to help get rid of furballs.

In the final shot you can see his cute little tongue sticking out.



2 thoughts on “261/366: maybe the cat is vegetarian?

  1. Enjoy seeing all your Shadow and Zorro’s pics. I love cats, but really love cats with personality. Yours seem to have it !!! Ashley’s cat Tomas A. Jefferson Hall/Davidson is also one with personality plus, which we are now looking after while they are in Europe. And with a name like that, you’d think he belonged to royalty. Lol. But to us, he is just Tom.

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