264/366: excuse me, but where are my marigolds?

I was so pleased that I had planted some nice little annuals in my new garden bed within a garden. The marigolds and pansies were going to be such a delightful mass of colour.

Now the question is: whatever happened to the two punnets of marigold seedlings I planted? I suspect snails have something to do with it, unless Shadow the semi-vegetarian cat took a liking to them. I prefer not to use snail bait, so maybe I will have to address the problem with some lateral thinking.

All that is left of the marigolds are the little tags that came with the punnets.

It’s not like I’ve never had success with marigolds before. They have provided some beautiful colour in my garden in previous years. Maybe next year I will actually start with some seeds and grow so many that if there is some natural attrition it won’t be a problem, because I will have planted so many.


2 thoughts on “264/366: excuse me, but where are my marigolds?

  1. The chipmunks have been pulling mine up, or maybe it’s the raccoons. I have yet to catch anyone in the act, but I keep finding them thrown about the yard.

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