266/366: one hundred days to go

Being part of Project 365, (although this year being a leap year should really be Project 366), anyone who has posted every day up until now has reached the point of one hundred days to go. Congratulations, fellow bloggers, and keep up the good work.

I’m quite pleased with myself that I have achieved this milestone, so I have treated myself to a new Canon camera. It’s a fairly easy to use model: Power Shot A4000, selling for under $200. Since we’re going to Thailand in October, and the old camera has some sort of burn mark on the lens, I thought it an opportune time to invest.

Here is a photo of the new camera taken with the old one which is reflected on the groovy little screen.

After charging the battery and adding the correct time and date, I took a couple of shots of the golden diosma to make some comparisons, if there were in fact any.

Ixus 120IS

Power Shot A4000

The second photo took an inordinate amount of time to upload to my post. That could cause time problems, and perhaps space problems for storage of bigger photo files. I wonder what will happen if I try and publish it when the photo only looks half done?

Here goes, as we learn by experience, don’t we?




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