268/366: daffodil rescue mission

With reference to yesterday’s circle of shame, I thought I would start by rescuing the daffodils that were up there, valiantly struggling against the choking hold of the English ivy.

Utilising my trusty bulb remover, after I had snipped away the ivy to get to each daffodil, I threaded the daffodil leaves up through the remover and then pressed down, turning in a cutting motion as  I pushed, finally releasing the bulb from the soil. I know it’s not strictly the right season to be moving bulbs, as it is generally an autumn pursuit, but sometimes if I wait for the so-called correct time, some projects would never happen.

With my personality, I have to immediately harness any urge to sort or clean or attack tasks, because you never know when the next window of opportunity will arise.

Now I have a nice bucket of rescued daffodils. I only hope I get the urge to re-plant them soon.

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