271/366: professional pruning proliferation

Little did I know how much this little escapade would cost when I started getting quotes.

The irony of it is one of the reasons I wanted to do it was so that I can save money by growing my own vegetables! How many years will it take to re-coup the cost of this severe pruning? Don’t ask. Anyway, it needed to be done regardless of the vegie growing scheme, to allow more sunshine into our garden.

The guys from Tree Care Services arrived around 7:30 a.m. for a full day’s work, and work they did in a good, streamlined fashion showing good teamwork and camaraderie, tackling the conifers down the western side first.

Firstly they worked on a Castewallen Gold, situated behind the barbecue.

Then they partly worked on the next conifer, a Naylors Blue, allowing footholds and the other trunk to attach ropes to control where the branches would fall. There’s definitely a scientific art to the whole procedure.




I like to look after any tradesmen who visit with a cuppa and some home baking, which I brought out for morning tea, still warm from the oven.

The western side of conifers now stands level with the top of the television antenna on our roof, a vast change from the almost 20 metres some of them had attained!

Stay tuned for the next exciting eastern side of the project in my next post!


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