273/366: mountain of mulch

Severe pruning has its after-effects, such as this mountain of mulch.

My estimation is eight cubic metres – phew!

All our conifers and variegated pittosporums were mulched, and what better way to recycle this than to put it back on the garden from whence it came.

While mulching is great for weed prevention and moisture preservation, I have learnt something else. If you don’t maintain that mulch by keeping it topped up with fresh mulch, it composts and then in turn provides a beautiful bed for weeds to take hold, the very thing you were trying to avoid in the first place!

Dutchy and I spent two hours outside this morning, with me weeding while he moved twenty wheelbarrows of mulch into the back yard. So far some of it has gone to the top tier, with the rest into the middle tier which I spread around after preparing the area.

The rose garden is now entirely weeded and mulched, another great team effort.


7 thoughts on “273/366: mountain of mulch

  1. Now that is a lot of Mulch. And I thought the truck load we had dumped last year was large. Not even close to yours. One thing I did hear about mulch, at least in our neck of the woods is that it has to sit for awhile to dry out. But that does’t make sense with the inclement weather.

    • I think it has something to do with the wood composting and drawing Nitrogen from the soil. This is mainly bad in vegetable and annual gardens apparently.
      So we’re not bothering ageing it in the areas we are mulching.

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