282/366: containment issue: fishbone ferns

Following on from yesterday, my first containment issue concerns the fishbone ferns. Every fern of this variety we have in our garden can be traced back to one little pot I put in the garden many years ago.

If I had known how they would take over, I probably would have contained them in pots. Since they are already in the ground it is a matter of deciding where I will allow them to grow and then restricting them to that area. I don’t want to get rid of them entirely, as they are very attractive and hardy, two attributes I love in plants.

My first action was to chop them back. Then I dug around in the ground to remove the little round seed pods from which they grow and spread. Then I put rocks around them in front of our bedroom bay window. Thoroughly mulching the area from our mountain of mulch means they will be kept at bay for some time, then if they start to show up outside those rocks, there will be a demarcation dispute that I am determined to win.


6 thoughts on “282/366: containment issue: fishbone ferns

  1. Never heard of fishbone ferns. But love the name. Wonder why? These remind me of the houseplant, Boston Fern. I love ferns, and enjoy when nature walking through our trails spotting the many varieties that grow wild.

      • Yes, although at the produce market the other day… I wanted to purchase Cilantro. It was under both Coriander and Cilantro. I laughed, as both are the same thing. A staple in Mexico for making their fabulous homemade salsa, which I try to replicate.

  2. Sandi, looking forward to actually seeing your fantastic garden one day, will send you my salsa recipe, which…keeping in mind is made up, as I love to replicate recipes…but it it is good, if I do say so myself.

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