283/366: maples and a compliment

My three gorgeous weeping Japanese maples (inaba shidare) are flourishing in the front garden. These three specimen trees are the most expensive items out there, but I think it’s nice to have either one or a few feature trees or plants in a garden. It can take an ordinary or average garden into another sphere. But think carefully before buying. Make sure that plant will be in the best position for optimal growth, and don’t plant anything too near it that could spoil the look.

I think our first-ever maple is my favourite, but I won’t say it out loud in case the others are disappointed. This one has a majestic quality that the others don’t have, making it perfect for princessprattles I think.

Then this morning I had a pleasant surprise. As I came outside, there were two ladies standing on the footpath with a camera. It transpired that they loved my garden and were taking some photos. Did I mind? Of course not.

I love compliments, and to receive one like this makes me all warm and fuzzy. Since I put  a lot of work into my garden it is especially nice to hear. Thank you ladies, if you happen to read my blog, because naturally I mentioned it to them!


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