286/366: containment issue: spreading succulent

When I planted that little cutting from a neighbour’s property a couple of years ago, I never realised how scurrilous the spreading succulent would be.

I have now put rocks at the back of the area I wish this succulent groundcover to remain in, carefully digging out any underground roots that I could find. I have no-one to blame but myself; another gardening lesson learned the hard way. Our Castewallen Gold conifer crisis was probably the most expensive similar lesson learned in our garden.

While fast-growing varieties can establish a garden quickly, the downside is that they sometimes take over. Plants with a slow-growing nature take longer to fill up an area; the good thing about this is they are not usually as invasive as faster-growing plants.

Further to this, I am intending to minimise this plant while putting slower-growing plants next to the path, to avoid constant cutting back. It’s amazing how hard you have to work to create a low-maintenance garden.

2 thoughts on “286/366: containment issue: spreading succulent

  1. lol. I know exactly what you mean. I purchased a succulent plant (a very very small one) about 2 years ago, and never believed it would get that much bigger. It has now completely taken over the spot it has been planted and even grown out about 3 feet!

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