290/366: serial planter

Unlike a serial murderer, which is bad, a serial planter can be a good thing.

What is better than one nice plant? Answer: more than one of the same. Sometimes they can be in a straight row, at other times in a triangle or cluster. Usually it’s best to have an odd quantity, unless you are going for symmetry with a pair of the same variety, creating an entrance to an area.

Over the past week or two I have been weeding and digging the area under one of the rear bay windows. There was an overgrown rosemary bush being swamped by seaside daisy, some weeds and a variegated plant.

I liked the leafy plant, but didn’t want it in the ground in that area any more, so I have potted it up, and then in each pot and between planted rosemary cuttings, finishing off with stones and mulch.

2 thoughts on “290/366: serial planter

  1. Your variegated plant is Chlorophytum comosum (Spider plant). It is a true garden thug. Every little piece of rhizome left in the ground can turn into a new plant. You may have to be quite diligent to be sure of total eradication. Small plantlets are formed on the flower stalks, which take root in the ground as the stems bend with weight, so be aware of potential spread. Still a useful plant though.

    • Spider plant, yes now I remember. Funny how sometimes the name just eludes you. And yes, I have recently dug these out from the ground and potted them, so they can be contained. Thank you, and perhaps I should learn all the correct names of plants when I mention them. Maybe next year.

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