291/366: edging, the finishing touch

I love adding a little creativity and originality to my garden. While doing so, I look for ways to make the completed project as low maintenance as possible.

In the case of the serial planting in yesterday’s post I didn’t want mulch too close to the bluestone edge, as cats and birds digging around could make the mulch spill over onto the brick path, meaning more sweeping. Sloping the mulch up away from the river stones, I then added some underlay in the form of black polypropolene supermarket bags, which I cut to size, to form a barrier between the soil and the pebbles to avoid weed growth; two problems addressed simultaneously.

By spreading the larger pebbles across the surface there will be little gaps which  could be topped up with tiny pebbles for more thorough coverage.

3 thoughts on “291/366: edging, the finishing touch

  1. Love that wee plant growing in middle of the creation…and the side planters look like our house plants…spider plants.

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