293/366: rhododendron 2002

In ten years the front garden has changed a lot, with the addition of another weeping Japanese maple, the removal of the large conifer,  the invasion of the fishbone ferns and creeping succulent, and getting rid of the lawn in that area. All this is an example of my ever-evolving garden.

Now the rhododendron is somewhat sprawling in nature, and has yet to fully flower. It always seems to flower around my husband’s birthday, which is tomorrow, but this year it seems to be a little slow. We’re going to Thailand on Sunday night for ten nights, so I may miss some of the flowers. However, I think I can manage to pay that price for a tropical holiday!

Meanwhile, I have been working steadily to write and schedule posts to cover the time we are away, so that Project 365 (366) can continue uninterrupted, and while we are away I can be working on my travel blog: Travels with Princess and Quiquinou. You might like to take a look so that I can share my holiday with you 🙂

Never quite the same since the drought of 2009, a decade ago the rhododendron was neatly pruned and covered with a mass of purple blooms.


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