316/366: how to achieve striped decking

Perhaps you need to ask yourself, would I even want striped decking? Whether I wanted it or not, I’ve got it.

The decked landing at the back of our house is known as “the stage” and is an ongoing project. Even treated pine wears out eventually, necessitating removal of rotten timbers to be replaced with new lengths.

It was my husband’s last day of his holidays, so he finally set about this task. He pulled off all the weakened pieces. We even discovered some ferns growing underneath.

They looked really lovely and it would have been nice to have some perspex across that section, similar to a glass-bottomed boat. But then how would the water get through? So those ferns are once again hidden under the deck, but it’s nice to know that it’s pretty under there.

And of course, what would a husband-handyman effort be without a little injury? Sawing the lengths by hand, he managed to give his thumb nail a little manicure at the same time.

It’s stripey for now, but within a few months the new pieces will have weathered and they will all be grey. By then there will probably be others needing replacing, and so the cycle will continue.


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