318/366: no bogans here

To help get into the mood for my proposed revamp of the back garden into a tropical oasis, (or at least a hint of the tropics), I was looking through the rest of my photos from Thailand, where beautiful tropical plants flourish.

This purple bougainvillea caught my eye. No, it is not a town where bogans live. The mass of purple reminded me of my rhododendron from a distance, but up close it jogged a long-distant memory of a purple bougainvillea that grew down the side of the house in Mitcham where I grew up. Then that made me think of Mum and Dad, whom I still miss after eleven years. I don’t think you ever stop missing your parents when they are gone.

Once in our early years here I tried to plant a bougainvillea with no success. Perhaps I didn’t choose the right position? No need to give up completely – I may well try again, particularly since I am heading down a tropical path.


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