328/366: something cherubic to delight

This was probably the first cherub I ever purchased. It has never looked better since I put it on a pedestal (somewhere I like to be, but usually fall off).

With the addition of a little succulent from a dear friend, it is now complete.

It’s funny how you buy one item, and then before long there is a theme happening and suddenly you have a whole collection of said item.

How does that happen? Sometimes it occurs because you may have bought one or two things that you liked, and then a friend or family member gives you a similar present. Then, if you group them together people assume you collect them and are more than happy to increase the number you have, whether you like it or not!

Looking around my house and garden, I have numerous collections: cats, dolphins, pandas, zebras, bells, arches, art deco items, cherubs, animal print, with tropical items being the current flavour of the month. However, just because I love something doesn’t mean I buy anything that fits that description. Perhaps the secret to having a good collection is being selective.


2 thoughts on “328/366: something cherubic to delight

  1. Oh, how I can relate. This from a “fish out of water” collector of the unique and individual, your post today says it all.

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