333/366: what do you see?

After working industriously in the garage doing some cleaning, sorting and tidying, I took the opportunity to take a rest on the chaise under the huge green umbrella, and this is what I saw:

  • some plants needing pruning
  • roses desperately needing dead-heading to encourage further growth
  • weeds amongst the plants
  • overgrown seaside daisy (erigeron)
  • the semi-permanent ramp awaiting barrows of mulch
  • the hose lying across the concrete

I thought to myself: Slow down, you are seriously becoming too critical and subjective about your garden. Chill! Where’s that positive attitude you value so highly? So I took stock and looked again. This time I saw:

  • magnificent blue sky with clouds scudding by
  • a glorious mass of colour and life
  • nature in all God’s glory – praise the Lord!

Why is it sometimes difficult to remember to have an attitude of gratitude?

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