335/366: succumbing to poison

I have to admit defeat, though only in a small way. Although I would dearly love to have a totally organic garden with no use of chemicals or weedkiller whatsoever, recently I have felt overwhelmed in the attempt to achieve this.

Lovingly I constructed a path in the front garden, with recycled bricks and recycled pavers.  The small white river pebbles that I bought, thinking they were tiny enough that weeds wouldn’t get through, was becoming difficult to maintain.  Placing them on thick newspaper prevented weed growth only until the paper eventually let weedlings (my version of a weed seedling), sneak through.

So unless I actually laid them on a concrete base, this problem was bound to occur. Facing reality and time constraints, I have succumbed to a little judicious use of Zero to control weeds on this path in the front garden, and also the paved platform under the bluestone edge in the backyard. I am only human, after all.


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