343/366: my helpful husband

Isn’t it funny how sometimes husbands help you when you least want it? Wives out there will understand where I’m coming from. And husbands, I concede that all spouses can be frustrating, but on this occasion it was him.

This morning I got out early to water the tomatoes, with temperatures expected to be up to 37 degrees celsius. I had just bought a plant from a garage sale and it was on the patio awaiting a new home somewhere in the garden.

After going inside for only a few minutes and coming out again, I asked him, “Where did this water come from?” It was trickling across the patio, creating a potential hazard.

“I just watered your new rosemary plant,” he said, pleased to have been some help.

“But it’s artificial!” I exclaimed.

Now at least we can all be assured that it is a very realistic fake plant!

never needs wateringDo you have a favourite story of helpful husbands?

4 thoughts on “343/366: my helpful husband

  1. Now, that is funny…and after readng this to you know who, I have so many husband stories, but today it was about me being the frustrating one to him, and him being most helpful. I put up a couple of Acrylic Christmas ornaments on the slider doors, held up by suction cups. Forgetting, or not looking…I opened the door slightly to let in a bit of the cold air, (you know…a woman thing), only to have the ornament drop and wedge itself between the doors. The doors would not budge.
    Normally there would be a lot of grumbling, but not a word, as he worked away at the door, which took over an hour to fix. It must be the time of year…. ’tis the Season for not getting grumpy, that and the ornament just happened to be “Joy”. Good one Sandi, and would have loved to have seen Dutchy’s face as you told him it was a fake. Lol

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