345/366: sharing a bed

After planting out excess daffodil bulbs outside the rear bay window, and enjoying a lovely display of yellow in spring, I realised that if I planted autumn bulbs in between the daffodils, then I would get two seasons of colour from one garden bed.

daffodils in the bed

daffodils will share a bed with nerines

To this end, I took the pot of over-crowded nerines and separated them.Then I laid them out between the daffodils, the dead leaves having now been trimmed. With the help of my trusty bulb remover, the task was not difficult.

placing the nerinesShadow even helped. By helping I mean he played with a dead daffodil leaf.

Shadow helps

By the time I finished I had three pots of bulbs, plus two garden beds. That gives you an idea of how packed in they were. It was like living in a tenement and moving out to the country. Hope they survive having all that space. Maybe they’ll take a year or two to settle in, but bulbs are thankfully fairly resilient.

mulched and ready to growAnother lot of nerine bulbs are located on the other side of this path, and should create a nice mass of pink on either side.

mulchedHopefully the flowers will look something like this:

nerine closeup

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