347/366: 12-12-12

This is a date that will not be repeated in our lifetime, and since there are not thirteen months, this harbours the end of these triple dates, so I wondered how I could commemorate it.

I chose to have a lovely cup of my favourite tea, Twinings Earl Grey, on the Colebrookdale setting which rests on the “stage” or decking outside the rear colonial doors. My plan to synchronise having the cuppa and taking the photo at exactly 12:12 on 12/12/12 was foiled by my camera and other assorted clocks, all seeming to say different times. At the end of the day, who really cares? My daughters would call this a First World Problem, and I am inclined to agree! At least it was 12-something.

cup of tea on 12-12-12

My little painted duck kept me company until it got too warm, necessitating a move to the shade of the umbrella. For me, not the duck, as he doesn’t feel the weather.

view from under the umbrella

It reminded me a little of New Year’s Eve: a lot of hoo-ha and then the actual event is a little anti-climactic. Still, it gave me pause to sit and appreciate my garden and acknowledge how lucky I am to be able to enjoy so many good things in life.


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