352/366: plum pecking alert

My plums are growing beautifully. Plenty of rain interspersed with days of sunshine have aided their growth. The severe pruning I gave them earlier has helped condense their nutrients into where they are needed most, but some fertiliser is imminent.

eight green plums

However, now is the time the birds have also noticed the hint of colour change in the fruit, and have tested it out. Not quite palatable or soft enough for their liking, it is time now to consider some safety measures on my part.

bird plum pecking alert

I went down to Bunning’s and found the only netting they have for fruit trees is in white. Apparently they stopped stocking green last year. That’s unfortunate, as I prefer something that blends with nature, but maybe white scares the birds off as an added deterrent to the discomfort of the netting?

plums starting to get some colour

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