355/366: potentially a secret garden

Still working on the giant pile of mulch, I found another good spot to offload some. Underneath the two Pittosporum eugenioides “Variegartum” I collected and removed dead branches and some english ivy, ready for seven barrowloads of mulch.

potentially a secret garden

My husband and I are working in tandem here: I prepare the area and he wheels barrowloads out the back. This time he even raked it out. The pile is gradually diminishing, with our plan for it to be gone by Christmas Day. I don’t know how we ever thought it might be finished before we went on our holiday to Thailand in late October. Nevertheless, we all know that Rome was not built in a day. Why do we so often have unrealistic expectations of ourselves?

through here

While toiling in all these different areas in my garden, my imagination is always at work, planning new projects. This time, having trimmed some of the branches to form a little archway that I will encourage, I can envisage a secret garden in here. Oops, it’s a secret no longer now that it’s out there in cyberspace. However, that’s as far as I have gone, but having planted that seed, an appropriate analogy in a garden blog, it can develop and mature until the time comes to see it through.

a growing archway


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