357/366: a plum’s net worth

When you find a plum on the tree pecked this much, it is time to net the rest.

a bird's ripeness test

bird netting

Determined to cover as much of the fruit on all three trees with the 4 x 10 metre netting that I had purchased, necessitated some manoeuvring.

In the end I realised I should have either bought the larger roll or two of the smaller. I made my choice, so I took an alternate route. I pruned the tree early, with plums attached, and then put them in a basket. I’ve never picked plums quite this early before but for jam-making there will certainly be plenty of pectin! Only one way to find out, and that is to do it. It will be interesting to ascertain if there is sufficient flavour so early.

maybe ready for jam

pruning for plum jam

the final result - practical though not pretty

I might leave them in the basket for a couple of days (inside) to ripen a little more before the attempt at cooking up a batch of jam. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, although in this case it will be the proof of the jam is in the spreading (and eating goes without saying).

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