362/366: black and blue

Zorro liked it blueThe blue chair I bought recently at a garage sale has had a makeover, and is now black.

As you can see, Zorro approves either colour scheme, which leads to a question: can cats differentiate between different colours? And how would you know? Did someone ask them? Je parle chat, meaning I speak cat. We have conversations sometimes, as anyone with a cat might attest to, or is it just me?

Zorro approves the colour change

My plan was to spray paint two other cane chairs today. However, with temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius, I think it’s best to wait for a cooler day. Paint always performs better in less extreme temperatures, be they too cold or too hot.

Having just been to Zumba this morning, after a couple of hours spent pulling up some english ivy, I am more than happy to leave it for another day, and head to the shops for the post-Christmas sales. In the meantime, I can show you the “before” shots of the other two chairs.

another cane chair for an update

cane chair awaiting some colour



2 thoughts on “362/366: black and blue

  1. Funny, cause I have a pair of that exact same club type Bamboo Chair. They live on our lower deck level. I purchased them at a gift and Home Decor company I worked at over 30 years ago.
    They are white, and have painted them many times. I have wanted to give them a face lift with another colour. Not sure what colour I will choose, and of course will mean ordering or making new cushions as well.

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