10/52: a tweak or two

Sometimes you can spend ages on a garden project with less-than-perfect results, whilst at other times a few adjustments can make a huge visual difference.

This week, in keeping with my plans to de-accumulate and organise the inside of my house, it has spilt over into the garden. Somewhere I read that you should only keep something because it is useful, beautiful or you simply love it, which in turn led me to look outside with a fresh eye.

Just because something has been there almost forever, doesn’t mean it still works in that position, either functionally or visually.

With a little tweak or two, I tidied up a couple of areas nicely. The first area took a little time, involving trimming back the notorious seaside daisy (Erigeron) and pruning a couple of dead branches to reveal some semi-forgotten rocks and succulents.

needs a little maintenance

maintenance accomplished

The other mini makeover entailed simply removing an almost dead golden diosma, relocating one of the potted olive trees, and getting rid of some elephant ears, resulting in a much cleaner, sleeker look for minimal effort. A tweak or two at times can certainly work!

needs a little tweaking

cleaner lines


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