11/52: a bridge too far

Some projects take longer to get off the ground than others. Take, for example, my bridge project. A year ago a friend gave me a pre-loved wooden bridge needing a little TLC.

I had grand plans for this bridge, and was going to repair it, sand it back and re-varnish it. Meanwhile, life, conifers and rocks got in the way and the bridge project was put on the back burner.

Finally the task is complete, and the bridge is safely ensconced in the middle tier of the back yard, surrounded by an imitation river bed, which utilised many of the river pebbles I was given by some neighbours undertaking a dual occupancy of their block. Rather than see all their rocks and pebbles go to waste, they have been recycled here.

With the addition of a number of palms, the bridge has added another aspect to the tropical makeover of my garden.

halfway through the transformationa bridge too far as seen from bottom tier bridge over a dry river bed  the bridge leads to another area transformation complete

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