16/52: present purr-sonalities: shadow

Having recently featured Zorro in his own special post, today it is Shadow’s turn. A black cat, with a little dash of white, at fourteen he is now flecked with grey, taking after his human “dad”.

His voice is higher-pitched than Zorro’s, possibly similar to comparing a tenor to a semi-baritone. One of his strange features is the way he purrs. He seems to purr backwards, as though he is breathing in while making the noise, a little like a gentle snoring.

I have “trained” him to “kiss”. Of course, if he feels like it. When food is involved it is more likely to happen. Imagine standing, bending down a little, clicking your fingers near your face, and Shadow balances on his back paws and basically head-butts your cheek. When it works it is quite adorable, but don’t try to do it in company because it rarely happens in company.

It’s the same when you try to do a photo shoot with a cat. They look so gorgeous most of the time, you’d think it would be easy, but again, they can treat you with disdain while you are trying to get them ready for their closeup.

Closing his eyes just as the photo is taken

Oh mum, can you see I’m not in the mood?

Look to the left

Which direction did you want me to face?

Look to the right

I’m tired of this whole procedure. May I take a rest? Well, I will anyway, if it’s all the same to you.   Tired of the proceedings



4 thoughts on “16/52: present purr-sonalities: shadow

  1. I love your Kit Kats, although haven’t met them… They have puuursonality Plus, like our daughters Kool Kat, Tomas A. Jefferson Hall/Davidson.

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