26/52: the scoria project

Having already used some of the scoria given to me by a friend, in the creation of the Mothers’ Day Memorial, I set to work to do another area. This time, it was the front edge adjacent to the footpath that needed attention. Because the mulch was being dug up, probably by birds, the scoria (over some cut-up Liquorland bags for weed prevention) has hopefully done the trick.

scoria, bricks and rocks edge the footpath succulent cutting amongst the scoriaIn amongst the scoria are tiny cuttings from the succulent that resides largely in the front garden, which should spread nicely within this area.

Resourceful recycling and minimal maintenance feature strongly in my garden.



25/52: pebble mix

On the second weekend in May, my husband helped create a Mothers’ Day Memorial garden for our dear departed mothers.

Now it is complete with a variety of pebbles.  The spaces created by the angle of the bricks were a very narrow triangle (actually an arc). With many of my creative projects I need to go through various ideas before I settle on the final implementation.

One of my ideas had been to plant some mini ground covers in some of the segments, or maybe a cottage garden effect with some alyssum, but in the end I thought that would require a lot more maintenance than simply filling the gaps with pebbles.

A friend was getting rid of some scoria, and since I already had the white and black pebbles, it ended up being one of my favourite things – a recycling project! There were two advantages to cutting up some polystyrene to use as a base for the stones: firstly, it saved filling the gaps completely with pebbles, and secondly it should deter weed growth.

polystyrene wedge

different colours and textures pebble mix pebble mixture  viewed from my bedroom windowNow the view from my bedroom window is complete.

24/52: a few of my favourite photos of my garden

Since it is a bleak June day, ceaselessly raining, what better way to brighten my mood than with some of my favourite garden photos?

marvellous marigolds fuchsia pensive Zorro cropped-a-bridge-too-far-as-seen-from-bottom-tier1.jpg lovely roses after the rain the cat sat on the mat Beautiful Babiana looking towards the middle tier cats wait patiently for a changeI can’t believe I managed to blog EVERY day last year; it was an all-consuming task. This year I am actually concentrating more on indoor renovations: painting, deaccumulating, rearranging, reorganising, which is quite therapeutic, but I know come springtime I will be raring to go outside in full force.


23/52: flashback to a flash flood 1991

Way back in 1991 we did our first extension to our house.  From the photographic evidence, obviously the next step after extending was suitable drainage.

Meanwhile, our young daughters had lots of fun frolicking in the mud, while I had lots of fun (?) washing their clothes, although that was a small price to pay for the amount of enjoyment they experienced.

While Jackie tentatively splashed around, her little sister Bridget had no such restraints.

Playing in puddles 1991

Busily indulging in some water play, Bridget was positioned only a few metres away from the current location of the tropical garden adjacent to the patio, featured in my previous post, progress of the palms.

Bridget busily playing 1991Splashing about 1991