27/52: yet another garden path

What better introduction to different areas of the garden than paths of various dimensions and construction? With a large block of almost one third of an acre, I have plenty of space to create interesting corners. A variety of paths adds to this interest.

Recently my husband purchased a new chainsaw. Fortunately he is not a serial killer with a penchant for chainsaw massacres. However, we still had some very large trunks from the conifer lopping last year, which I suggested we keep for this purpose. Yes, once again my recycling surfaces.

In between the lilies and the flower carpet roses in the middle tier of the backyard the wooden step stones are  a shortcut to the tropical garden, if you don’t want to walk across the grass. I also trimmed the roses back so that there is a wider space to walk through, also encouraging growth in a straighter line. And once again, the cats like to check out my projects. Zorro tested it out first, and then this morning Shadow obviously wanted to get into the picture too.IMG_3481 IMG_3500 IMG_3501



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