31/52: the cat sat

Zorro liked it blue

IMG_3481Closing his eyes just as the photo is takenMarigolds out, Zorro inthe cat sat on the matShadow has gone potty…and that’s the end of that!


5 thoughts on “31/52: the cat sat

    • Shadow thought Mr Midnight may be a long-lost relative! I too have conversations with my cats, but as yet have not actually transcribed them. Mmm, good idea. Cats have such wonderful purr-sonalities >^.^<

  1. Some Pets are like Children, and behave accordingly. Always thought Ash’s Tom, is a Cat that should have been a Dog. Cute, Pics Sandi ! In regard to Allan’s comment… a book I have read… The Art of Racing in the Rain, is a must, although told through the eyes of a dog.

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