33/52: happy blogging anniversary to me

Isn’t that sweet: WordPress just sent me a “Happy Anniversary” notification to commemorate the fact that I registered as a blogger here two years ago.

Part of the reason I started was to chronicle our round-the-world trip in 2011, which prompted the commencement of travels with princess and quiquinou.


Moulin Rouge

I decided that princessprattles would be based largely on my garden in 2012, when I undertook the massive commitment to blog every day for the whole year, which, 366 days later, I had achieved. The blog extended to include my house as well as the garden and my cats at that stage.


I added karaoke kool kats.com, an occasional blog about our Saturday night karaoke gig, which hardly anyone looks at, which probably shows that regular, consistent blogging is more likely to attract views.

Happy Kool KatsA finite blog about my week’s trip to Central Australia, princess wonderland in alice, covered my holiday with my French friend Leslye, allowing  me to showcase the dramatic scenery and colour of the Red Centre.

Clouds above The Rock Tour

gecko blends with the rocksSpreading myself even more thinly, I embarked on scootin’ sandi, reliving some motorcycle riding, along with Calligraphy for Christ’s Sake.

John 21 19b

This year I started princess pop psychology, but am finding it difficult to keep up with all these blogs.

What to do? I’m still searching for my niche. Perhaps I need to write more regularly on each of my blogs? And who do we write for? Ourselves? Others? It varies for me. I am happy to keep an electronic record of my garden and other aspects of my life, and if a few people get enjoyment out of it, it’s a bonus.

Now that I am only committing to blog weekly on princess prattles, I have honed this blog into two things I love: my garden and my cats.

cats as bookends


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