34/52: first plum blossom for the year

   How many trees does it take to make an orchard?

I’ve decided that we have a mini orchard on our property of almost one third of an acre, as it consists of:

* three plum trees, the first of which was transplanted from my parents’ house many years ago, with the subsequent two a result of self-seeding,


blossoms of which have just appeared,


* two blueberry plants, yet to fruit, only planted 15 months ago,


* two lemon trees of different varieties,

* one kaffir lime tree, fantastic for using the leaves in Thai cooking, with the fruit as a bonus,


* one self-sown peach tree, which last year gave me a few peaches,


… and next week you will read about the latest addition to the fruiting family.

And no, it is nothing to do with either a partridge or a pear tree.

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