39/52: zorro catches some zzzz’s

A quote about cats suggests that they don’t have owners, but staff. Zorro is a prime example. Adorable, yes, but he has me very well-trained, rather than the other way around.

Dutchy managed to take a photo of him snuggling up with me in bed. If I am facing outwards, he taps me on the head to roll over and give him a cuddle. It’s really not an arduous task considering he is so gorgeous and furry.

Zorro sneaks under the covers

38/52: freesia jolly good flower

Last year I did a post called freesia jolly good fellow, so I could hardly reuse that title. However, freesias are so beautiful that they deserve a regular place in my blog each year.

Spreading throughout the garden, this is certainly one plant that is allowed to have free rein. Freesias are so typically “spring”, with both their colour and delightful scent.

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37/52: tiptoe through the tulips

Partly because they are lovely, and partly because our surname is Holland, it seems appropriate to have the tulip is a recurrent theme in our house and garden.

From the stained glass entry window to wooden painted tulips inside, the theme has now continued outside with the planting of five tulip bulbs earlier this year.

Balinese tulips

Looking at these pictures, you could be forgiven for wondering whether it is life imitating art, or art imitating life, since I had all the artificial flowers before I had the real thing!

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